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Our customers are as passionate about our company as we are. Read their reviews about our services over the years:

StatisticsReview of Progressive Power Group, Inc

  • Dependable Company:

“I have spoken to a number of different solar installation companies over the past 2 years and zeroed in on Progressive Power Group. Chris Hammerstone, was very knowledgeable about solar installations and answered all the questions I had and presented the best package. I recommend PPG as a dependable company to work with.” – David S. on June 9, 2012

  • Outstanding Company

“This Company was outstanding all the way around. The price was fair, the panels were top of the line not old stock. The quality of work was outstanding. I would use them again.” – by John H. at Customer Lobby on January 25, 2011

  • Very professional, great value. I would use them again.

“We got the bid from Progressive Power Group and liked it, so we went with them. Everything went as planned. They installed a 12 panel system for us. It works great. They are a great company.” – by Karen G. at Customer Lobby on September 3, 2010

      • I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again

“Right from the start Chris, from Progressive Power Group, was here and made the presentation. It was good to know that he had done it before, and wasn’t just selling it. He could talk to us about it from both sides. He was able to answer all our questions immediately, or promptly after checking back in with the office. All around it was a great start. They fit as many solar panels as they could on our small roof. We also worked with them to find a contractor to redo our roof. It was nice to get that done. The solar was turned on in mid-April and it has been great ever since, except for the lousy weather we have been having. It was a quality job.” – by Kathy D at Customer Lobby on August 5, 2010

        • Highly recommended.

“Excellent workmanship and professionalism. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend at all. They took care of all the permits and paperwork. They came at the designated time.” – by T K at Customer Lobby on July 26, 2010

        • My wife and I are very pleased Progressive Power Group

“We shopped for a while and decided to work with Progressive Power Group and received the best price quality and workmanship. We would highly recommend them from our experience.” – by Grant H at Customer Lobby on July 24, 2010

        • Their workmanship is excellent-highly recommend them.

“The Price was reasonable,the quality of the installation is excellent, and they were there when they said they would be. What else could you ask for- They get my recommendation.” – by Jim M at Customer Lobby on July 21, 2010

        • Progressive Power Group did a great job on our Solar Unit.

“We needed to put solar panels on an East facing roof. Progressive Power Group came up with a system of 12 panels that supplies all most all the power we need for the year. The installation was quick and very well done. We have had the solar for over one and a half years with wit no problems at all.” – by John O at Customer Lobby on July 20, 2010


“I highly recommend PPG. We installed 40 electric solar panels and had PPG coordinate that project with the installation of a new roof and solar water heat for our pool. The overall experience was excellent as not only did they do the job in the time frame they quoted, but have come back as requested to answer questions and make minor adjustments. To be blunt, they are probably the best contrator I have ever had the pleasure to work with!” – by Robert M at Customer Lobby on July 18, 2010

        • If getting bids on Solar – Call PPG

“After extensive research on the internet and asking lots of questions regarding each company’s solar installations, I found that PPG was the most straight forward company in the business. They did not hesitate to quote prices or answer any question asked. The competition all wanted to come out and go through their whole presentation before discussing price. After getting a firm bid from PPG we emailed or called some of the competition asking if their prices were competitive or lower than PPG with no takers. I was very impressed with their installation and the time they took measuring so that there were no missed roof penetrations that needed to be patched. The crew was very friendly as well as proficient, and I am very happy with our system. There were and have been absolutely no surprises regarding installation or system performance, and I very highly recommend PPG to anybody considering solar installation.” – by Cliff H at Customer Lobby on July 17, 2010

        • Very Happy with Service

“I had Solar installed by Progressive Power Group a couple of years ago, and I was impressed by the knowledge and options that were available to make this large project affordable. I think one of the guys has a background as an accountant and that makes for some pretty slick ways of saving money. I did have an inverter burn out, but PPG made sure that the company responsible for the inverter replaced it ASAP and also at no cost to me.” – by Joshua M at Customer Lobby on July 16, 2010

      • Awesome Company, Awesome Employees, Awesome Quality!

“I had a great experience with PPG when my wife and I called to inquire about putting in a system….we didn’t even know how they worked. Chris was awesome. He came to our home, gave us a complete understanding of how solar systems work. We purchased ours and we are very happy with the result. We only have one regret and that is that we didn’t put in a slightly larger system. Their installers were great, quick, thorough and nothing more can be said. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is interested in putting in a system.” – by Les R at Customer Lobby on July 16, 2010

      • Our System is everything that was promised.

“Our system has been producing an average of over 90 percent of our electric usage since we had it installed last year, with a comparable reduction in our electric bills. And the guys at Progressive are terrific.” – by David C at Customer Lobby on July 16, 2010

      • December into July Operations

“Even with the extended June Gloom days, My system is still averaging slightly above 1kwhr/usage hour. In terms of installation, I would bet you couldn’t find a better crew anywhere. Chris Hammerstone was the greatest to work with and educate my on the workings of my system.Thanks again!” -by Ralph J at Customer Lobby on July 16, 2010

      • Great Company. Professional and Honest.
“They are great. The guys at Progressive Power Group are just so nice and they did a wonderful job. They answered everything honestly and professionally. I recommend them to a lot of people. I have had several estimates and Progressive’s are always the most honest and reasonable. And I can call 24/7 if I have a problem, which they almost always solve over the phone. I had originally installed 12 panels and I added another 6 this last winter. My electric bill has gone way down. They are a great company, and I love all of them.” -Pat Wells by Patt W at Customer Lobby on July 1, 2010
      • Better than competitive pricing. They are incredibly professional for a young company. Far ahead of their competitors.

My experience with Progressive Power Group has been great. I actually belong to a home improvement and furnishings club that offers prices well below what the general public pays, and the one company that they did deal with at that time ended up being the most expensive of the three companies I interviewed. Ultimately, I selected Progressive Power Group because they came highly recommended by coworkers and other individuals whose opinions I valued and respected. So I called Chris Hammerstone, and after talking with him in that first interview, I knew he was the one. Still, we proceeded with the whole bid process and he offered the best prices. Out of the three options he presented, I ended up selecting the highest. As a homeowner with various vendors coming in, you get used to overseeing the work, making inquiries and otherwise making sure expectations are met. But with Progressive, they consistently exceeded my expectations and they did far more than I expected. They even offered to paint all of the exterior lines running to the feed and supply. They were more than willing to things other vendors never even suggested. And, they are exceptionally nice individuals. They were there when they said they would be there. And before they left, they would take time to explain what they had done, what they were going to do, and when we could expect them to finish. And they followed through. I canot say enough about Chris Hammerstone, who sold the job, followed through, and still stays in touch. He does really good work.

Bill Forrester on June 30, 2010