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Project Finance

Explore Our Financing Options to Find the Best Fit For You

Progressive Power Group offers various financing options depending on the scope of work within the Residential, Commercial, and Utility sectors.
Solar is a capital intensive endeavor that requires well-funded operations for retail sales and leasing, fulfillment, material procurement, and power distribution.

  • We offer retail residential customers interested in financing their purchase with same-as-cash financing, zero-down leasing options, and pre-paid leases all of which save money on day one.
  • In the commercial sector, we have operating lease options for tenants and building owners, access to rebate and grant programs, and commercial lending brokers who can underwrite rooftop solar systems.
  • For the utility sector and all fulfillment customers, we offer generous payment terms on materials and labor which help reduce the out-of-pocket costs to developers who need to realize cash-flow from operations before spending coveted funds on infrastructure build-outs.
  • We are a profitable company and invest not only in our business but in various aspects of solar project development. Principals at our company have put their money into long-term fixed asset, solar developments and will consider partnering on projects that make financial sense to the company and the investment group.