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The Challenge

A new customer with an out-of-state job requiring 6 to 12 of our best commercial and utility skilled workers.  Short lead-time for mobilization of crews, tools, and equipment to step in and delivery time sensitive results.

Our Solution

This was a project developed by Sun Edison.  We were contacted by a new general contractor to assist with wiring combiner boxes, troubleshooting string wiring, performance testing of solar strings to specifications, and general electrical tasks throughout the site.  Our crews wired approximately 254 combiner boxes (24-string) at 15 minutes per unit.  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) was utilized as soon as the wires were energized. Lock-out and tag-out procedures were used to identify energized components and increase safety precautions per OSHA requirements.

Testing of Voc, Isc, Irradiance and temperature data was collected for all strings at each combiner box.  Data was logged to testing equipment and then downloaded to remote servers for real-time analysis and troubleshooting.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

Client Response

The staff at Progressive Power Group did an outstanding job responding to our urgent needs.  They managed to wire and test several components on our site quickly and to the satisfaction of our customer.

Quick Facts

PPG Capabilities Utilized


Tucson, AZ

Project Size


Project Duration

5 Weeks

Material Used

Wiring & Testing

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