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The Challenge

Olsen Visual was looking to reduce their electricity bill, take advantage of the available tax credits and take steps to being a more sustainable business. The challenge was to design a solar system without roof penetration using the available space.

Our Solution

We custom designed a PV system with UniRac Ballast Non-Penetrating Racking to hold 276 Mitsubishi Solar Panels, using half of the roof space.

The roof penetration is sealed with ChemLink, M-1, and ChemCurb combination epoxy based sealant for 50 year life and thermal expansion & contraction.The conduit blocks are PVC reinforced 1000 lb. capacity for maximum life expectancy.

he inter-row wire management consists of Schedule 80 PVC affixed with S-5 and/or Beam Clamps. The use of PVC eliminates the need for additional grounding.

Client Response

Olsen Visual was extremely happy with the installation and time-frame of the project. They reduced their electricity bill by 50% and were able to use all tax credits and incentives made available in California.



Quick Facts

PPG Capabilities Utilized


El Cajon, CA

Project Size

62.1 kW

Project Duration

2 Weeks

Material Used

276 Mitsubishi 225 Watt Solar Panels, 6 Fronius IG Plus 10kW 3-Phase Inverters, UniRac RapidRac Ballast Non-Penetrating Racking

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