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SCE Historical Average Tiered Pricing

Electricity Rates & Historical Trends

by Chris Staskewicz Introduction This post is intended to highlight trends in energy rates in territories where we market our products and services so that our... READ MORE

Long-Term Energy Generation Costs for Solar Arrays

by Chris Staskewicz Introduction The long-term costs of solar energy systems depend on the fixed and variable costs of the solar system divided by the total... READ MORE
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Customer Feedback

Our customers are as passionate about our company as we are. Read their reviews about our services over the years: Dependable Company: "I have... READ MORE
Martin Diaz installing an EVSE Level II charging station at Matel in El Segundo, California.

Electric Vehicle Charging for the Home or Business

Electric Vehicle Charging for the Home or Business Have you or someone you know purchased an Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle... READ MORE