• Large Scale & Utility PV

    Cost Competitive Building and O&M Services

    We have diversified and skilled crews, heavy equipment, specialized tooling, and certified testing capabilities that are required to complete large scale and utility PV projects on time and  within budget.

  • Commercial Solar

    Turnkey Solutions for Businesses & Fulfillment Services for Resellers

    We operate as a designer and installer of commercial solar systems.  In addition, we offer installation and fulfillment services for resellers, general contractors, and other dealers in the solar industry.

  • Residential Solar Sales

    Solar Lease & Purchase Options for Home Owners

    A solar energy system is not just a conscientious purchase for the environment.  The solar lease and purchasing options can result in substantial savings with a return on investment of 15% or more.



Progressive Power Group designs and builds solar power systems for homes, businesses, and utilities. We have a long history and large portfolio of projects ensuring reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to start saving money and the environment with solar energy.


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    Police and Safety – El Cajon, CA – Carports

    The City of El Cajon incorporated solar panels mounted on car-ports on the new Public Safety Building and parking garage.  In addition to Prevailing Wage & Certified Payroll, strict OSHA safety...

  • project-6

    Domestic Hot Water – Long Beach, CA

    The homeowner wanted to go as “green” as possible in his build and wanted to heat his water with the...

  • project-4

    Flat Tile Roof – 4.9kW – Seal Beach, CA

    The homeowner wanted to incorporate a solar system into the new custom home he was...

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    SEPV-1, Palmdale, CA

    Complete our first large scale utility project on time, under budget, and manage the expanded scope that would be new for a majority of our crews.  At the time, most of our crews were accustomed to...



  • SCE Historical Average Tiered Pricing
    March 18th ,2013

    Electricity Rates & Historical Trends

    by Chris Staskewicz Introduction This post is intended to highlight trends in energy rates in territories where we market our products and services so that our customers have a reference point on claims that we and our competitors make.  This is not a static post and will be updated as these rates change, typically twice a year. The...
  • long-term-graph
    February 25th ,2013

    Long-Term Energy Generation Costs for Solar Arrays

    by Chris Staskewicz Introduction The long-term costs of solar energy systems depend on the fixed and variable costs of the solar system divided by the total energy production of this system during the warrantied lifetime.  In the first few years, solar is significantly more expensive than grid-based power.  However, the longer a household...
  • SG_AllenSherrodInstallPhotos (15)
    February 4th ,2013

    Customer Feedback

    Our customers are as passionate about our company as we are. Read their reviews about our services over the years: Dependable Company: "I have spoken to a number of different solar installation companies over the past 2 years and zeroed in on Progressive Power Group. Chris Hammerstone, was very knowledgeable about solar...
  • Martin Diaz installing an EVSE Level II charging station at Matel in El Segundo, California.
    January 3rd ,2013

    Electric Vehicle Charging for the Home or Business

    Electric Vehicle Charging for the Home or Business Have you or someone you know purchased an Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle recently?  Has your place of business expressed an interest in designating parking spots as EV or PEV spaces? Our team of experienced residential and commercial electricians has traveled to...